The League is a dual championship, an individual Player Championship and a Team Championship, the best of both worlds

As such, we believe that we have created the ultimate professional golf experience. The magic and drama of team golf together with the tee to tee race for one player to be crowned world champion. Fantasy golf made real.

The Player Championship
  • Every player for themselves, traditional stroke play
  • Playing for a purse of $20m and a first prize of $4m, every week for 17 weeks
The Team Championship
  • Runs in parallel to the Player Championship (18 weeks)
  • 12 teams of 4
  • Only 2 scores count, per team, per day
  • $1m team bonus each week for 17 weeks
  • Week 18, season finale and the Play-Offs
Will there be Relegation & Promotion like other leagues?

Yes, there will. As a competitive league, it’s essential that participation is based on merit.


The reason every shot truly counts, the reason why team picks really matter and the reason why the League will go down to the wire every season

High drama, high emotion and, with a $20m winner takes all purse, high stakes

Who Plays?

All 12 regular teams will participate, with teams seeded based on their league standing after week 17.

What’s the format?

3 knock-out rounds and the grand final – all played out over just 2 days. Every stage of the play-offs will feature 2 rounds of singles match play and one round of either foursomes, greensomes or fourball.

How does the seeding work?
  • Seed 1 starts each match 1UP (bar the Final)
  • Seeds 1, 2, 3 and 4 get a bye to the Quarter Finals
  • The higher seed gets to choose its opposing team and the order in which its players go out

The Purses

In each of its first 3 seasons the League will pay total prize money of $392m

Individual Purse

Those who compete in the Player Championship will be playing for a weekly purse of $20m, plus seasonal bonuses and the glory of becoming the Players’ Champion.

Every week the League will pay $4m to the individual winner and at least $150k to last place.

Team Purse

The winning team will receive $1m each week.

Purse Breakdown
Allocation Amount Description
Individual Events $340,000,000 $20m per week, 17 weeks regular season
Team Prize $20,000,000 Play-Offs, winner-takes-all
Team Bonuses $17,000,000 $1m per week (17 weeks, regular season)
Individual Bonuses $15,000,000 $10m to 1st , $3m to 2nd and £1m to 3rd place
Total $392,000,000
Comparison of PGL Purse against WGC Workday Championship 2021
Finish Position WGC Prize Fund Allocation PGL Prize Fund Allocation
1 $1,820,000 $4,000,000
2 $783,333 $1,466,666
5 $430,000 $745,000
11 $189,666 $340,000
15 $147,333 $264,000
22 $100,833 $222,000
32 $72,000 $188,000
44 $48,500 $159,000
51 $44,500 $151,750
Total Prize Fund $9,750,999 $20,000,000


When & How Long?

The first season is scheduled to begin in January 2023.

Each season will run for 8 months with a 4-month break.

How many and where?

18 events per season, 12 across the US and 6 in locations to be announced.

We will keep the East Coast and West Coast swings and then follow the sun, incorporating mini-Asian and European swings.

What about the Majors & the Ryder Cup?

We love the Majors and the Ryder Cup. So, we’re committed to working around them. Ensuring the players are given time, in the right place, to prepare.